KPK sets up regional anti corruption advocacy committee in Kendari

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Kendari (Antaranews Sultra) - The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has initiated the setting up of a regional Anti Corruption Advocacy Committee in Southeast Sulawesi in a bid to prevent corruption in the region.

The ceremony on Wednesday was attended by a deputy chairman of KPK Basaria Panjaitan, acting governor of Southeast Sulawesi, Teguh Setyabudi, all heads of district administrations and chairmen of business associations in Kendari.

Basaria Panjaitan said the setting up of the committee was an attempt to empower agents of reform of each sector, encourage adoption of anti corruption policy involving both the private and the public sectors, non government organizations , academicians and community leaders.

"The approach is expected to go in line with change in individual business players, system and procedure and policy at higher level," she said.

At national level the Anti Corruption Advocacy Committee is formed in strategic levels related to wide public interest by involving business associations , ministries and other related government agencies, she said.

At regional level, the committee is formed based on geographical condition by involving business associations and regional regulators, she added.

She said KPK hopes to form similar committee in 26 provinces this year in cooperation with the private sector as around 60 percent of corruption cases KPK has handled involved the private sector mainly in bribery and graft cases.

Bribery and graft would create unhealthy competition in the business sector reducing the contribution of the private sector to regional development, she said.

The main strategy of KPK in its bid to prevent corruption in the private sector is focused on developing commitment of the business players to strengthening anti corruption, she said.

There are five sectors KPK set as priority in its fight against corruption together with the government and the private sector - health, oil and gas , forestry, infrastructure development and food security sectors.

Last year, Southeast Sulawesi was rocked by big scandal involving its Governor Nur Alam.

Nur Alam was arrested by KPK in July, 2017 and finally sentenced on Wednesday to 12 years` imprisonment with a fine of Rp1 billion.

The anti corruption court also ruled that Nur Alam is to pay Rp2.7 billion in compensation to the state .

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