Southeast Sulawesi Has A Surplus Of 38,000 Tons Of Corn Grain

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Ilustrasi. (Foto ANTARA)

Kendari, SE Sulawesi, May 19 (Antara Sultra) - The food security service of Southeast Sulawesi Tenggara said it had a surplus of 38,000 tons of corn grain last year.

Head of the food security service Amal Jaya said the province recorded an increase in corn production mainly in in the regencies of Muna, Konawe, Konawe Selatan, Buton and Kolaka.

The government has continued to encourage the farmers to expand their corn plantations to increase production, Amal said here on Friday.

"This year our production is expected to increase especially to follow the program of corn growing launched by the Agriculture Minister in Konawe Utara," he said.

Every regency in Southeast Sulawesi is called on by the Minister to have at least 500 hectares of corn fields. Some of the regencies have up to 30,000 hectares of corn fields.

Amal said the government has guaranteed the government through the Board of Logistics (Bulog) would buy any surplus of corn grain of the farmers.

The country still needs to import corn grain to feed its animal feed industry and self sufficiency in corn supply is one of the targets set for the agriculture ministry by the government.

Editor: Hernawan Wahyudono